The Mind Your Time App provides the user with a customized, data-driven, mobile tool to reflect on time spent freelancing, studying, or volunteering. Mind Your Time uses your personal calendar and customizable user input to create dynamic visual reports to track your activities and mood. Integrate Mind Your Time with a regular journaling practice and time management system as a catalyst for change.

Reflect On Your Day-to-Day

Tracking your time and mood everyday can enable you to reflect upon how you spend your time in order to make impactful change. If you are concerned that you are dedicating too much time to one area of your life or are interested in measuring how much of your time is spent engaging in activities you enjoy, then the Mind Your Time app is for you.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Whether you are seek to encourage the path you are on or to make lasting change, measuring your time is the most effective way.

Customizable and Responsive

The Mind Your Time app features fully customizable options as well as integrations with your regular apps such as calendars and to do lists. Once you connect your existing time management systems, you’ll see how Mind Your Time is the last piece of the puzzle to provide feedback that helps you maintain your systems with enthusiasm.